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Installing SplashTop Client On a MAC

1. Launch Safari from the Dock

1. Select Safari.png

2. Type "https://www.Splashtop.com/downloads" on the address bar on your web browser

2 search bar.png

3. Scroll down and click on "MACOS 10.7+".

3 Click on MAC OS.png

4. Open the downloads tab and click on "Splashtop_installer_mac..."

4 check downloads.png

5. Click the "Splashtop Business" icon.

5 open installer.png

6. Press next on the installer

6 press next.png

7. Press "Install" on the installer

7 press install.png

8.Enter the password you use to login to your MAC and install Splashtop

8 enter password.png

9. After Splashtop has installed, you can close the installer.

9 Close the installer.png

10. When Splashtop has successfully installed, move the installer to the trash.

10 move installer to trash.png

11. Open launch pad.

11 open launchpad.png

12. Select "SplashTop business".

12 open SplashTop Business.png

13. Enter your Splashtop Username and password, and check off the box that lets you stay logged in.

13 sign in to splash.png

14. An AS I.T administrator will need to authenticate the computer that you are remoting from. The administrators will be notified automatically by email and will approve your request as soon as possible during normal business hours. Please call x8888 if you have any questions.

14 authentication.png

15. After your account has been verified, log back in and select "Connect" next to AS-HR-01

15 Click on connect.png

Change Resolution Size on a Windows Computer

To change these settings, close or disconnect any "Splashtop" connections you might have open, and continue with the steps below.

1. Click on the "Start" button on the bottom left.

Press the start button.PNG
Start button open.PNG

2. Type in "Splashtop" in the Search bar and the "Splashtop Business" application will appear.

Searching for Splashtop.PNG

3. Click on "Splashtop Business"

Click on Splashtop for Business.PNG

4. Click on your computer name.

Click on Computer.PNG

5. Click on the "Info" gear icon.

Click on Gear icon.PNG

6. In the "Connection Options" section, change the "Resolution" by clicking on the drop down box.

Click on drop down.png

7. Click on "Best fit to local computer"

Click on Best fit.png

8. Click on "OK"

Click on OK.png

9. Click on the "Connect" button next to your computer name.

Click on Connect.PNG