We are the 1st CSU to have a sustainability center

About the Center

The Associated Students (AS) at California State University, Northridge (CSUN) has designed and is in the process of constructing a new 10,000 square-feet Sustainability Center to open in September 2017.

The new AS Sustainability Center will be a multi-functional space, serving primarily as an expanded central collections location for the campus recyclables. It will also serve as the public face and administrative hub of the Center for its program and services, as the home of the administrative offices of the Institute for Sustainability, and as a focal point for the University community for educational programs, services and issues related to the environment and sustainability.



CSUN Celebrates first Earth Day on April 22


First Recycling Bin on campus with AS/campus collaboration


AS started distributing reusable beverage containers at campus events

America Recycles Day is celebrated

And the Student Housing Move-Out program was in place


AS subsidizes student transit passes to the tune of $70,000 - $100,000 per year

AS establishes its first Sustainability Policy for internal AS standards

AS performs feasibility analysis on expanding its Recycling Yard and creating a center on campus for Sustainability.

AS commits its Future Reserve to the building of the Sustainability Center


AS Recycling department name is changed from Recycling to Sustainability

AS has twice received Greenovation grants from the California State Student Association

AS adopts and manages state-wide recognized Sustainable Office Program

AS begins and expands a pilot program for recycling in academic buildings.

AS has integrated Sustainability goals into its Strategic Planning process

AS has established ZipCar program and offers Zimride

AS secured funding for water refill stations on campus and advocated for the Flowater program

AS serves on six of the ten Institute for Sustainability’s working groups

Sustainability Center construction is authorized to begin.

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Leed Platinum Living Building Challenge

Earn a LEED Platinum rating and will seek Living Building Challenge Petal Certification, the first in the CSU!

Provide a center for the integration of teaching and research of the faculty and students with the practices and action of the administration


Increase the amount of materials diverted from the campus waste stream by as much as 50%, working toward a zero waste standard goal

Provide a healthy work environment for the recycling team

American College & University Presidents Climate Commitment

Help ensure the accomplishment of the American College and University Presidents' Climate Commitment

Continue a save CSUN money in reduced cost for waste removal

Provide a foundation for accomplishing the campus and AS Sustainability Plans

Provide a meeting location for Institute for Sustainability, educational seminars, and sustainability-related classroom projects

Contribute toward achieving the 2014 CSU Board of Trustees revised Sustainability Policy

Lead the CSU in establishing its first Sustainability Center